XGX Capital is one of the foremost providers asset management services with exposure to all areas of the market. We deliver tangible results for our clients by using our expertise and knowledge of the industry to provide complete and tailored solutions which support clients’ growth areas and maximise their return

We create value by identifying investment opportunities with high potential for capital returns through conversion, expansion, development and intelligent asset management by an active and experienced in-house team.

Our clients are responsible, long-term investors. We work collaboratively with local authorities and other stakeholders to secure investment in a range of sectors from real estate to energy.

We aim to ensure we meet our client’s demands at all times and always ensure we achieve our business objectives.

This philosophy enabled us – in less than a decade – to assemble an array of projects under our portfolio some of which include iconic status. From these foundations we have extended the reach of our clients’ portfolio to encompass value-added opportunities globally.

Services Provided:


Auctions & Disposals

Corporate Real Estate

Building and Project Consultancy

Business Rates


Estate Management

Facilities and Services Property Management




Lease Advisory


Office and Residential Leasing, Sales & Development

Property Management